If your simplitec Power Suite is blocked and classified as "potentially unwanted program", you can do the following steps to prevent Anti-Malware to block or quarantine the program:

- Launch Malwarebytes and on the left hand side, click 'Settings'

- Next, click the 'Protection' tab and look for Potential Threat Protection

- Change the PUP and PUM settings to 'Warn user about detections'

- Scroll down to the very bottom and turn off 'Automatically Quarantine Detections'

- Reinstall Simplitec Powersuite if needed, then run a Scan. When the scan completes, uncheck the boxes next to all the detections.

- To uncheck all of them at once, click the uppermost box next to the column title of 'Threats'

- You will now see a Next button - click the Next button.

- In the Next pane, select 'Ignore always'. After this, Malwarebytes will no longer detect that program.


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