How do I configure my Autopilot?

The settings for the autopilot can be configured in the tray application of our program.

To get into the tray of your Windows, just navigate the mouse to the bottom right of your screen. There is a small arrow on your taskbar


When you click on the arrow, a small window (the so called "Tray") with the symbol of your simplitec programm will appear. 

Now right-click on the symbol. An additional window pops up where you can click on "Settings".


This will allow you to access the Autopilot configuration dialog.


Here, 2 or 3 setting options can be made for the various modules.


  • Don't monitor : The autopilot does not report if there is a need for action in this module.
  • Monitoring : The autopilot will contact you if there is a need for action in this module.
  • Solve automatically : The autopilot does not give a message, but responds in the event of the need for action independently and solves the problem.


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